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Pathogenic Protist Transmembrane database

Pathogenic protist membrane transporter proteins play important roles which not
only on exchanging molecules outside and inside cells but also on inquiring
nutrients and biosynthetic compounds from their hosts. Currently, no centralized
protist membrane transporter database published makes system-wised comparison
and studies of host-pathogen membranome difficult to achieve.

We analyzed over one million protein sequences from 139 protists with or partial
genome sequenced. Putative transmembrane proteins were annotated by primary
sequence alignments, conserved secondary structural elements, and functional

Based on these information, a database system with user-friendly interactive
data acquiring interfaces implemented by modern front- and back-end cloud-based
technologies was built.

PPTdb is a web-based database which delivers a user-friendly searching and data
querying interface including hierarchical transporter classification number (TC),
protein sequences, functional annotations, conserved functional domains, batch
sequence retrieving and downloads. PPTdb also serves as an analytic platform which
provides useful comparison/mining tools including transmembrane ability evaluation,
annotation of unknown proteins, informative visualization charts, and iterative
functional mining of host-pathogen transporter proteins.

Database statistics

Protists 139
Protein sequences 1,039,394
GOs 1,896
Transmembrane domains 465,391
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